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IGZ Instruments AG was founded in 1965 under the name of IG Instrumenten-Gesellschaft AG. The goal was to gain a solid reputation in the Swiss laboratory market as a reliable representative and service provider of various renowned manufacturers. Since then IGZ Instruments AG has established itself as a reputable supplier for laboratory, science and process. In 2014 the company changed and shortened their name and refreshed their logo to a younger look.
Our main focus are products and solutions for synthesis and chromatography; from parallel reaction systems to laboratory reactors and flash chromatography, the preparative HPLC and the supercritical fluid chromatography SFC .

Teledyne Isco CombiFlash Next Gen 300+

The new NextGen 300 and 300+ is even faster, more efficient and greener than the RF + thanks to high flow rates of up to 300 mL / min and gradient optimization. In addition, the new CombiFlash offers RFID rack and column detection, 15 '' screen, UV / UV-VIS / ELSD and MS detectors.

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Teledyne Isco Prep HPLC System ACCQ Prep

The simple, compact, efficient and powerful HPLC system for minimal dead volume and excellent reproducibility. Flow rates from 1mL / min to 150
mL / min and a maximum pressure of 414 bar (6000 PSI).

More information about ACCQ Prep.


Radleys Reaction station Mya 4

Safe unattended chemistry at your fingertips 
The Mya 4 automated reaction stations are designed to provide accurate temperature control, increase productivity, be flexible and save space.

Would you like to improve your productivity? Further information about Mya 4.


Radlers Reactor Ready

Are you looking for a flexibl Reactor system, that can be changed up quickly and without an external technician? 
Then the Reactor Ready is your perfect fit. Customizable to your needs in various sizes and forms and highly adaptable, is it the perfect fit for any research Laboratory with changing projects.

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Radleys Findenser air-cooled condenser

Do you know the pain of a flooded hood? Do you want to do something for the environment? 
Try the Findenser from Radleys. An air-cooled condenser that can replace traditional water condensers in 95% of all laboratory tasks.

Yes, I want to do something for the environment.



Sepiatec Sepmatix 8x HPLC

Are you still developing your HPLC methods one by one? 
Wouldn’t it be faster to develop up to eight methods in parallel?
Then our Sepmatic 8x HPLC is your solution.
Also available as SFC.

More information about the Sepmatix 8x HPLC.



Sepiatec Prep SFC M5

Prep SFC M5 system is a preparative system for separating chiral and achiral samples using SFC. 
Use Columns from 4mm to 30mm with a flowrate up to 250ml/min. You can choose between a XY collector or a carousel collector. Our newly implemented bigger screen increases the user friendliness even more.

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Chrom 4 Consumables

We all know how it works with consumables. First you need to have a decent quality. Then it is about pricing. We do have the quality and an incredibly good pricing. On top we adapt our stocks to your needs. With this we maintain a high deliverability.

Talk to us about your personal quotation and safe up to 25% SCS discount.

Interested in quality consumables at a very interesting price?


Precisa Balances

We are proudly promoting our Swiss Balance Manufacturer Precisa. 
Besides the high standards in terms of quality, Precisa impresses with an incredibly good pricing.

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3T Sensor instrument for surface interaction

Are you looking for a label free observation of molecular interactions? 
Then our qCell / qCell T will be your first choice.

More information about qCell/qCell T.

Look how easy you can handle your QCM-D experiments with our great product from 3T: